Inventory Management System is all about lighten your burden and managing everything in an excellent way. It includes numerous features such as sale product, add product, purchase, backups, and a lot more for office, home, and warehouse. In fact, you don’t need the internet for this software, simply install it and make progress.


Inventory Counts

Supports full cycle counts and retroactive entry of counted items.


Lot Tracking

Allows for the tracking of internal and external lot numbers. Crucial for companies in the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries.


Serialized Inventory 

Stock Book handles serialized inventory.


Multiple Warehouses & Inventory Locations

Track inventory across multiple warehouses and locations.

Multiple Units of Measure

User defined.


Kitting & Bill of Materials (BOM) Support

Track kits made up of multiple products grouped together for sale, and manage raw materials and product components that are assembled into finished products.


Sales Analysis

Pre-built reports plus access to detailed sales information using various external report writers.


Sales Budgeting

By product or by customer.